Service agreement

Choose the package that suits you best. You will quickly realize how great it is to have a professional at your side.


0 monthly
  • Free initial meeting
  • Free contract check
  • Free financal strategy
  • Free implementation of the strategy


14,90 monthly
  • Basic +
  • Damage-claim processing
  • E-mail and phone contact for your requests
  • 48h appointment guarantee or callback service
  • Yearly info call
  • Indicating adjustments and renewals of supervised contracts
  • Preparation of documents for the tax return
  • Home & private loan consultation
  • Annual review for optimization opportunities
  • Accept & forward change requests
  • Inform about legal changes concerning the insurance coverage


27,90 monthly
  • Comfort +
  • 24h appointment guarantee or callback service
  • Premium damage claim service in 24hours
  • Annual analysis of retirement planning
  • 360° service for investment properties
  • Inform about legal changes concerning the insurance coverage
  • bAV coorperation partner access
  • Investment Depot review with professional analysation tools

Your advantages with me as financial advisor

With my professionell help, German finances and insurances can finally be checked off your to-do list. Now nothing stands in the way of a safe and carefree life for you as an expat and professional in Germany.

Financial Advisor and Consultant for expats and foreigner in germany
Marcel is a very professional and experienced financial consultant. I feel pretty easy working with him and have complete confidence in his advise. He even have told me on an occassion to accept an another offer from an other company as it was more beneficial for me (which made me trust him even more) and yes offcourse, first thing you will notice about him is his big smile with big shiny teeth 🙂


German Finance and Strategy GmbH
Hansdorfer Str. 19
22926 Ahrensburg

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