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Leverage your investments to the next level with real estate

Real estate is not only a stable investment, but has spoiled investors with constant and above-average returns, especially in recent years.
On the one hand, due to the increases in value and, on the other hand, due to the reliable and strongly increasing rents.

Why does real estate take your portfolio to the next level? 

Because you invest large sums of money borrowed cheaply from the bank, generating cash flow and ideally financing the property and increasing wealth without any additional input of your own.

Consultant for Real Estate and Property Germany
Consultation for real estate investments expats in germany

Real estate investment consultation in Germany

As an expat with PR and a permanent employment contract, it is no problem to get funding in Germany. With the Blue Card it is more difficult, but possible.

Many make the mistake and ask only at the house bank and a maximum of 1-2 other banks in the neighbourhood. This makes the game easier for the banks, they know their competitors and are not under particularly high pressure.

For our customers we ask about our financing pool with a total of over 400 banks throughout Germany. The banks are aware of the competitive pressure and immediately offer the best deal.

In addition, we help with the German bureaucracy and accompany from the collection of documents to the signature and disbursement.

Invest in real estate - 4 steps for Expats

Put the financing in the hands of professionals. You will have less work, good offers and transparency and english speaking support in the processes and paperwork.

Perfect preparation

We collect all the important documents and details and process them into an impeccable request.

Obtain and sort offers

From the offers we will now select the best for you.We will discuss them together and help you find the one that best suits your needs.


Now the paperwork begins. We help to fill out the papers correctly, to keep the overview, to observe formalities and to submit everything according to the German standard.


After the loan is confirmed, we take care of the timely disbursement so that everything goes smoothly during the construction or purchase.

Choose the best real estate consultant your you

One contact for a straightforward and successful financial process. A competent interface between German bureaucracy, competence and English translation.

Financial Advisor and Consultant for expats and foreigner in germany
Marcel is taking care of my finances since 2018 working with him is easy and smooth. Meeting Marcel was the best thing happened to me for my finances, he has helped me saving alot of Taxes and also building wealth for my goals. So far everything worked fine and I am happy with all my investments which I have done through him. I highly recommend Marcel as he take a good care of his cilents and try to help them out in best possible way. : )

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Whether you are an employee, freelancer or entrepreneur. Whether India, Africa or South America. I help expats from all over the world to successfully find their way in the German real estate system.