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The German car insurance system for foreign Expats explained

The most important benefits of the car insurance are the legally obligatory liability insurance, the partial cover insurance and the fully comprehensive insurance.

The liability insurance covers all damages to third parties. This includes material damage, such as the car of the accident victim, lanterns, traffic signs, etc. It also pays for personal damages, such as the replacement salary in the event of an incurred disability for the crash victim.

The partial coverage insurance covers, for example, theft, deer accidents, damage caused by maggots, glass breakage, fire and natural hazards.

The fully comprehensive insurance is especially worthwhile for expensive cars. This insurance module covers the costs that go beyond the partial coverage insurance. This includes self-caused accidents and vandalism damage by unknown persons. The repair costs are fully covered. In the event of a total loss, the car is completely replaced.

I will help you find an insurance company that fits your needs and your car. Then we create a tariff that matches you exactly.

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German premium system in a nutshell

The „SF-Klassen“ (The damage-free years) are decisive for the premium. The longer you have a car insurance and no damage has occurred, the cheaper the premium. There are considerable price differences whether you take out insurance for the first time or whether you already have a 10-year insurance history.

The amount of the excess is also a deciding factor. Most choose a excess of 300/150, but this should be calculated individually to see what is most beneficial for you and your car. Because another important variable for the price is the car make, model and accident statistics for that specific car.

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You want to find the right car insurance for your new vehicle, but don’t know what exactly to look for and find it difficult to understand all the German documents? As an english speaking car insurance broker, I help foreigner and expats in Germany to find the right and most cost-effective insurance for their vehicle.

Marcel is able to clealry communicate and help with the best advice on insurance. Which not only gives clarity to the customer, but helps them understand the ways of insurance in Germany, a big thanks for all the help and advice.
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