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What is a life insurance for Expats in Germany?

When you are married, a new sense of responsibility comes over you overnight. This again reaches a new level with joint liabilities at the bank through a joint property and even more with children. 

What happens when one partner dies? At least the financial consequences such as a missing salary, outstanding liabilities, the children’s education, etc. can be covered.

The amount of the survivor coverage should definitely be calculated and insured based on the liabilities and the current costs of the standard of living. A rule of thumb recommends 3-5 times the annual salary. Depending on family status and liabilities.

The following applies to this insurance: The younger it is concluded, the more favorable the premium is for life. And the acceptance of the contract on the side of the insurance company requires a healthy state of health.

I will help you find a solvent insurance company that offers fair and good policies for expats with blue cards and PR.

Life Insurance for Expats in Germany
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Working with a professional insurance advisor has many advantages for you as an english speaking expat living and working in Germany. Let me briefly summarise the advantages for you:

Marcel is able to clealry communicate and help with the best advice on insurance. Which not only gives clarity to the customer, but helps them understand the ways of insurance in Germany, a big thanks for all the help and advice.
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