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Smart investing strategies for foreign professionals in Germany

Today, a good individual investment strategy is more important than ever. Simply investing your money in the popular S&P 500 was profitable and will probably always be. Without much effort, investors in the S&P 500 have enjoyed a 78% increase in value over the last 3 years.

With just as little effort, investors in artificial intelligence and IT funds enjoyed 168% performance over the same period.
These numbers are a very vivid embodiment of the saying, „Work smart not hard.“

Unfortunately, there is no perfect strategy that everyone can simply apply. Strategies vary individually depending on risk profile, liquidity needs, preferences and personal financial goals. And depending on the strategy, it also makes sense to adapt it to the current political and economic circumstances, inventions and technical advances.

In Germany, there are even some tax-advantaged investments. Especially for expats who pay a lot of taxes it can be very profitable.

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English speaking advisor for long term investments

Not for all expats the goal is to stay in Germany forever. Depending on the planned length of stay, it makes more or less sense to talk about long-term planning and retirement plans.

In general, it can be very beneficial, because the German government offers very high tax savings and subsidies.

If the future planning is still uncertain, it can still be very wise to include long-term investments and retirement planning with flexible investments in the financial strategy

It happens too many expats that they postpone the topic for 5, 10 or 20 years and wait until they have decided on a country. Then it often becomes clear that the postponed years are difficult or impossible to make up financially.

I create an individual and, if necessary, very flexible strategy for my clients, so that the first foundation stone for a retirement in the well-known prosperity is possible.

Professional strategies for above-average investment returns

To achieve above-average performance, it is not enough to select the average funds and ETFs.

Selecting the right companies is an art in the financial world. The fund management team and algorithms are responsible for this. 

However, what is at least as important up front is the selection of investment funds. Because each pursues its own investment strategy. Some are broadly spread over the most successful companies worldwide, some are country-specific, some are industry-specific, some are technology-specific, and so on.

Especially nowadays, „above average“ can only be achieved with carefully selected funds. These are mainly specialised in a presumably high-yield area. 

Greed should not take the lead. Just because, for example, artificial intelligence is currently performing extremely well, not all the money should be bet on this horse. This is because this development can change very quickly due to political or tax policy issues, for example. Therefore, above-average strategy will always include several specific funds.

In addition, it is very important to review the strategy regularly. Because the specific funds bring the risk that the industry, the country or the technologies on which is focused lose economic relevance. Then the reverse course can quickly set in. 

That is why I not only take over the creation of an above-average investment strategy, I also supervise and adapt it on request.

Customised Strategy

There is a saying in the financial world: time beats timing. To finally get started successfully, I create your individual investment plan based on your goals and current situation.

Professional support

In order to keep the strategy continuously successful and average or above average, as desired, I supervise it on demand. Depending on the changes in politics, economy, development or other external factors, I propose the adaptation of the strategy with concrete proposals.

Professional withdrawl

In addition to the professional support, I will help you with the payout. Of course, this includes not only the fast payment of the money to your account. It also includes setting up tax allowances, reducing and avoiding tax payments.

Why expats choose my investment consulting services in Germany

Investing money can finally be checked off the to-do list. Now nothing stands in the way of passive money growth and additional income. 

Financial Advisor and Consultant for expats and foreigner in germany
I have recently begun to invest in Germany, and as a beginner, Marcel has been quite helpful and patient. He is always available for questions, which I really appreciate since I am not knowledgeable about the topic.
In our consultancy session, I was asked about my goals and plans and Marcel developed a beginner’s investment plan accordingly. I trust that as I move forward with my investments, I will be correctly guided by him.
As someone who is unsure about how to begin Investing in Germany, here is a good way to start.
Srishti S. ProvenExpert

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Whether you are an employee, freelancer or entrepreneur. Whether India, Africa or South America. I help expats from all over the world to successfully find their way in the German finance system.

Investment Strategies for expats and professionals in Germany

Financial advantage with a personal consultant

As with sports, having a trainer who writes a professional and solid training and nutrition plan is a great advantage. Successes are achieved much faster and sustainable. Even better successes are achieved when the trainer accompanies during the exercises, corrects if necessary and adjusts the training plan depending on the target and training progress. 

This is exactly how it is in the financial world. 

I am already happy to accompany over 150 expats in this process and would be happy to meet and accompany you as well.