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If you an english speaking expat living and working in Germany, looking for a licensed and professional finance consultant, then you should book your first free initial consultation call with me.

Whether insurance, investment or real estate. With over 15 partners and years of experience, I can help you competently in all areas of your finances. And of course in English language.

I will guide you through the complicated finance and insurance system of Germany.

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With my professionell help, German finances and insurances can finally be checked off your to-do list. Now nothing stands in the way of a safe and carefree life for you as an expat and professional in Germany.

Financial Advisor and Consultant for expats and foreigner in germany
Marcel is able to clealry communicate and help with the best advice on insurance. Which not only gives clarity to the customer, but helps them understand the ways of insurance in Germany, a big thanks for all the help and advice.