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Get the best value out of the financial market in Germany

If you are not very affine with the German financial system it is very advisable to have a professional consultant at your side. Because it would not be a successful strategy if all components from investment, insurance and real estate are not considered and optimally coordinated.

The art is to see the whole picture and to put the products, return opportunities, tax reduction opportunities and asset protection measures all into one plan to achieve the goals.

As a licensed financial advisor, I help expats in Germany to create an individual financial concept. Whether investment, insurance or real estate

Strategy consultant for finance in Germany
Consultant for Investment, Property and Strategies in Germany

English consultation for non German speakers

Many of our customers first went to their bank for advice. If you can call that advice, because often they don’t understand much, nod their heads nicely to avoid inconvenience, and when a paper is handed to them, they sign it politely and you have debits on your account that you don’t really understand.

Especially with health and finances it is elementary to understand everything exactly. After all, these are the biggest areas of life. Therefore, do not simply accept this fate, but let yourself be advised competently, transparently and clearly understandable in English. And if you have a question, just ask until you understand.

If you an english speaking expat or professional living and working in Germany, then you should check out my different types of financial strategy services below.

Individual strategies for long term income

An optimal strategy in the German financial world is a coordinated strategy from the strategies of the individual financial areas. Insurance needs an individual plan just as much as investment and real estate. The icing on the cake is the successful merging of the individual cogs into a functioning machine.

Finance strategy for expats in Germany
Investment strategy for expats in Germany
Insurance Strategy
German Saving Strategy for Expats

Avoid generic financial advise from German house banks

20 years ago, it was still possible to give every new customer the same concept. But times have changed. The performance of new computer chips doubles on average every 20 months. And so do the lifes. Especially as an expat, every situation is unique. There are far too many variables, making one-size-fits-all advice impossible. That’s why it’s no longer enough to implement the house bank concept or follow a strategy on Google. Without analyzing where to go and what the current status is, no professional planning can be done these days.

Choose the best personal advisor for your strategy

Finances can finally be checked off the to-do list. In clearly understandable English, the individual areas of investment, insurances and real estate are combined into an optimal strategy. Above-average returns and security through the right insurance policies form the perfect combination for a headache-free financial life in Germany.

Financial Advisor and Consultant for expats and foreigner in germany
Marcel is able to clealry communicate and help with the best advice on insurance. Which not only gives clarity to the customer, but helps them understand the ways of insurance in Germany, a big thanks for all the help and advice.

Lets talk about your financial strategy

Whether you are an employee, freelancer or entrepreneur. Whether India, Africa or South America. I help expats from all over the world to successfully find their way in the German finance system.