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Looking for a professional english speaking insurance consultant?

Due to the bureaucracy and the complex legal system, Germany has become the country of insurances. It has become very difficult to keep track and balance between the right coverage and over- and underinsurance.

As an expat, how are you supposed to know that you can protect yourself against financial damages from third parties with a liability insurance, but you need a special plan if you have children under the age of 7? Or that legal protection insurance without the „occupation“ module is of no use in the event of unfair dismissal or other problems at work? Or that your dependents have to pay tax on the money from term life insurance if the contract is not concluded in a certain constellation?

Due to the countless possibilities and the importance of being properly insured, it is important for the consultation to know the current life situation and to create and implement an individual insurance strategy based on this.

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Explore our wide range of different German insurances types

You do not need to insure the building if you do not own it. You don’t need 3 liability insurances. In case of damage, only the one that was taken out first will pay and the others are invalid. You do not need the „traffic“ module in your legal protection insurance if you do not have a car. If you set the daily sickness compensation insurance higher than your actual salary, you won’t get it all paid out and you’ll have wasted premiums.

Sounds funny and weird? Absolutely! But as an expat, how are you supposed to know what’s important? What really needs to be included and what is just a waste of money?

For this reason we first make an individual analysis and review of your situation. I check your contracts to see if they fit your insurance needs and wishes. Often money can be saved or dangerous insurance gaps can be filled.

Health insurance

Both the public and private health insurance systems have important advantages and disadvantages.

Car insurance

The most important benefits of the car insurance are the legally obligatory liability insurance, the partial cover insurance and the fully comprehensive insurance.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance protects you and your family from the financial consequences of material or physical damage to third parties.

real estate insurance

Homeowners insurance is an essential insurance for homeowners. It covers all damage to the building and all parts of the building that are permanently connected to the building.

Household contents insurance

The household contents insurance replaces the entire inventory of the apartment or house at replacement value if it is damaged or destroyed by fire, water, burglary or storm and hail damage.

Legal insurance

Legal insurance covers the lawyer's fees and court costs to defend your rights. This can't be wrong with the bureaucracy in Germany. You are covered if someone or an authority wants to sue you and also if you sue someone to enforce your right.

Life-term insurance

When you are married, a new sense of responsibility comes over you overnight. This again reaches a new level with joint liabilities at the bank through a joint property and even more with children.

Thats why you need an advisor for your insurances

With my professionell help, German insurances can finally be checked off your to-do list. Now nothing stands in the way of a safe and carefree life for you as an expat and professional in Germany.

Financial Advisor and Consultant for expats and foreigner in germany
Marcel is able to clealry communicate and help with the best advice on insurance. Which not only gives clarity to the customer, but helps them understand the ways of insurance in Germany, a big thanks for all the help and advice.

Individual evaluation for english speaking clients

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the „perfect insurance for everyone.“ Because depending on the personal situation and risk type, it has to be tailored, calculated and evaluated individually.

I also offer this service for existing insurance policies. So after the evaluation you can be sure to have the right insurances and to be well covered in Germany and depending on the coverage also worldwide.

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Whether you are an employee, freelancer or entrepreneur. Whether India, Africa or South America. I help english speaking expats from all over the world to successfully find their way in the German insurance system.