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What is a legal insurance for Expats in Germany?

Legal insurance covers the lawyer’s fees and court costs to defend your rights. This can’t be wrong with the bureaucracy in Germany. You are covered if someone or an authority wants to sue you and also if you sue someone to enforce your right. You can configure your individual coverage in a modular system. The selection consists of: Personal, Professional, Tenant, Landlord, Property Owner, Traffic, Internet, Criminal and Tax legal protection insurance.

It has already paid off to have this insurance if your landlord suddenly wants you to move out of the apartment or pay for damages for which you are not responsible. Or if a yellow letter lands in the mailbox. Because yellow letter in Germany always means trouble. Or if your employer fires you without justification and takes a restructuring as a pretext. Legal assistance is worthwhile at least for a fair and good severance payment.

I help you to find a suitable legal protection insurance company and to configure a tariff in a modular system for your needs.

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Working with a professional insurance advisor and broker has many advantages for you as an english speaking professional and expat living and working in Germany:

Marcel is able to clealry communicate and help with the best advice on insurance. Which not only gives clarity to the customer, but helps them understand the ways of insurance in Germany, a big thanks for all the help and advice.
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