Meet The English Speaking Consultant Who Developed Individual Financial Roadmaps For 150+ Expats In Germany Over The Last 4 Years… 

Manage, Save And Multiply Your Funds Without Being An Experienced Investor

  • Get the German financial system right and say goodbye to headache due to bureaucracy overwhelm

  • You’ll have a secure understanding of insurances and what you REALLY need to be covered in case of damage (instead of wasting money on unnecessary contracts)

  • Put your savings out there and generate above average-returns through customized and tax beneficial investments – despite negative interest-rates and rising inflation

  • Hundreds of Expats in Germany already took control of their financial security and aren’t worried only on their main income anymore
The consultation is totally FREE but this offer can be turned down any time.

Financial Consulting for Expats in Germany

You probably noticed that things are a bit complicated here. 

Did you open up a bank account? Most likely you’ve been asked to gather documents that can be filed in thick ancient law books.

Despite still having one of the biggest economies in the world, Germany is known as “The Home Of Bureaucracy”. 

Even natives are confused when they go the traditional way… 

Going to bankers for investments, using comparison portals on the internet for insurances.

The result for Expats?

Massive confusion. Because you don’t really understand the bankers. And lack the insights to evaluate the insurances. 

However, you need a secure understanding of your finances in times of rising inflation and economic turmoil. 

So no matter how long you’re planning to stay… no matter your experience level… 

I’ll show you how to manage, save and multiply your funds while you’re in Germany. 

Even if you never invested a cent. And despite seeing out-of-control central banks who already pushed consumer-price inflation to 6%.

Who’s It For?

My name is Marcel Kohmann. And the consultation is for Expats in Germany who want an English speaking advisor on their side. A customized individual strategy based on your situation and your goals. No matter if you’re a software-engineer, developer, computer scientist or physician.

So that you understand how everything works here, build funds dynamic enough to move between countries, set money aside for retirement, marriage or emergency and create multiple streams of income to take control of your financial security.

Case Studies Of Previous Clients

“The language barrier was really difficult for us. What we particularly liked was the ease of everything. Nearly too easy to be true but now we found a simple way to reach our financial goals.”

Nishant and Neetika

“There are no more headaches. I have a good understanding of how everything works here. Working with Marcel is not institutional. More like a friend helping a friend.”


“I feel more secure now. When I came to you I finally felt like there’s someone I can really trust. I know you’re there. I don’t feel worried about anything.”


“I get an insight of the topics. It’s not like you make the decisions for me, but help me make my own decisions.”


“If you’re an expat and you don’t speak the language, I’d highly recommend working with Marcel Kohmann as a financial consultant. In Hamburg or everywhere in Germany.”

The consultation is totally FREE but this offer can be turned down any time.

Details Of The Cooperation

English Speaking Contact Person

Tired of scrolling through documents full of technical language? If you want to avoid costly mistakes while leaning back without any headaches, you need someone who knows the “in’s and out’s” about the system and navigates you through the bureaucratic jungle. 

In a way that you actually understand it. Instead of listening to bureaucrats and bank officials who just tell you what to do. You want to make your own decisions in this private matter. 


Everyone wants to be protected in case of damage. But no one wants to continually pay for unnecessary insurances. It’s way better to put that money away for retirement, emergencies or special occasions. 

There are literally millions of insurances to compare. Naturally, just ignoring this issue can be costly. Even existentially dangerous. Get all the information you need and then hand it over to an expert who understands your situation.


Not sure if you’re going to stay long-term? Not an experienced investor? Wanna start small or not sure where to start? Those aren’t valid excuses anymore. You need to start putting your savings out there RIGHT NOW. 

Bloomberg recently stated that “German Inflation Jumps To Highest In More Than A Decade”. As of September, producer price inflation rose to 14,2%. Act now if you want to take advantage of both tax beneficial investments and asset classes that still deliver above-average returns.

Why Marcel Kohmann?


Living in a foreign country is an adventure. And a compilation of challenges. In this bureaucratic jungle named Germany you need someone who knows the financial system inside out AND has a proven track record for people in your specific situation as an expat. 

You don’t want to be told what to do by a bureaucratic bank or insurance official who just wants to get your signature under the contract of his company. You want to make your own decisions. In order to do that, you need a foundation. The foundation of information customized to your needs and goals. I believe in transparency and long-term partnerships. That’s exactly what I’m offering you. No matter how long you’re going to stay in Germany.

4 Things You Definitely Take With You

Absolute Clarity

Thanks to selectively gathered information you get an understanding about the German finance and security system in a matter of minutes. So that you have 100% clarity on what you need… and what you don’t need.

Saving Plan

Opening up a bank account and seeing your savings shrink due to negative interest rates won’t do much for you. After our initial consultation you’ll know exactly what to do to manage, save and multiply your funds.

Dynamic Funds

Your savings shouldn’t be set to one specific market segment, asset class, timeframe or location. Dynamic funds will help you build your wealth while being able to move internationally or return to your home country.

Roadmap For Inflation

You’ve seen above that it IS actually happening. But it’s just the beginning. Inflation can’t be stopped unless central banks increase interest rates. That won’t happen. I’ll show you how to prepare and take advantage.


The Individual Finance Strategy is giving Expats in Germany the exact customized steps to manage, save and multiply their funds without being an experienced investor.

The consultation is totally FREE but this offer can be turned down any time.

How Can You Work With Me?

1. You book an appointment for a free initial consultation

While ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction my time to guide expats is limited. To belong to this network of selected people, you apply for a free initial consultation.

2. I’ll talk to you and develop an individual solution

We’re going to speak on the telephone or via Zoom. For the booking date you have chosen, we will find out together how exactly I can help you and which goals are important to you.

3. You’re welcomed in our community of professionals

You will receive a solution adapted to your situation and you can begin saving and multiplying your funds immediately. You’ll be able to connect with other expats as well.

The conversation is 100% free and not binding.